Grow Light Garden

Grow Light Garden


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To get your seedlings off to an early start or grow your favourite plants all year round a grow light garden is essential for the keen gardener.Housed within the canopy are 2 x 60cm high efficiency 24 w fluorescent bulbs lasting up to 10000 hours providing full spectrum lighting (6400 Kelvins each) which use less electricity than the standard household light bulb. The electronic ballasts eliminate any annoying buzzing and ensure a “no flicker” on start upThe unit is in an attractive black finish complete with a fully adjustable canopy set on aluminium uprights giving a maximum clearance height of 38cm from the bottom of the base tray. Complete with 4 growing trays which feature 2 tier drainage cells which can be used repeatedly. 62 x 43.5 x 43 cm high


  • Dimensions: L: 62cm W: 40cm H: 47cm (assembled). Simple home assembly takes less than 30 minutes.
  • The Garland Grow Light Garden is compact and in attractive black finish, perfect for year round use on a kitchen worktop or side table.
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